New Anthem ID Cards

A computer system change at Anthem required new ID numbers for all participants effective March 1, 2022.  All eligible participants should have the new ID cards by now.   You and your eligible family members must use the new ID cards for all medical, dental, and vision services.  For Medicare retirees, the new Anthem ID only applied to dental services.  If claims are submitted with the old ID numbers, Anthem rejects them before they get to the Health Fund office.  Please read the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) closely to make sure all services are being processed through the Health Fund.   If you need additional ID cards, call the Health Fund office at 262.549.9190.

New Anthem ID Cards Coming Soon

A computer system change at Anthem requires new ID numbers for all members effective March 1, 2022.  A detailed notice will be mailed to your home.  The new ID cards will be mailed soon directly from Anthem.   You and your eligible family members must use the new ID cards as soon as you receive them to avoid claims being denied for missing the new ID number.   

100% COBRA Subsidy – Frequently Asked Questions

If you lost health coverage with the Fund during April 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, due to a reduction of your work hours, you may be eligible for a 100% COBRA subsidy to maintain your coverage with the Fund. Please review the attached Frequently Asked Questions. If you think you qualify for the free coverage during this period, contact the Health Fund office for the enrollment forms.

Frequently Asked Questions