Notice of Changes to the Printing of the Explanation of Benefit Forms (EOBs) and Checks

There are no changes to the actual benefits related to this printing change.

The Health Fund office is making changes to the printing and mailing of the blue Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms and checks for claims paid to Participants (you and your eligible family members) and claims paid to Providers (doctors, dentists, hospitals, etc.). The information on the EOB is the same, the layout is a little different.

Why are changes being made?

  • Highlight when information is needed: When we need more information to process the claim, the request that you provide additional information will be highlighted in yellow to get your attention. If there is other primary insurance (for spouses and children), the statement will be highlighted that we need payment information from the other insurance company. Your doctor’s office usually provides that information, or you can.
  • Reduce cost: The new company can print and mail the information at a lower cost.
  • Electronic payments to providers: The Veteran’s Administration (VA) requires electronic payments from the Health Fund. Electronic payments will be available to all Providers. Electronic payments reduce costs and are preferred by many Providers.

Will there be changes to the documents sent to Providers?

Yes, the Providers will see the same changes to the EOBs and checks as the Participants. Also, the doctors will be given the option to receive their payments electronically instead of a paper check.

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