As of Wednesday morning, March 25, 2020, the Health Fund office will be closed to the public based on the Governor’s “Safer At Home” Order.

Be assured that we will continue to work to provide the remaining services necessary for the continued administration of the Health Fund.

Most staff will be working from home and using temporary cell phones for customer service.    If you call our office and get voice mail, please leave a DETAILED message and your call will be returned.  Leave your name, telephone number, OEF number (not union membership number) and a brief reason for your call.   We will use the information you left on the message to properly identify ourselves when returning your call.  Always be careful of unsolicited calls when they ask you for personal information.  Don’t give that information out if you didn’t reach out first.   If we are calling you, it’s because you left a voice mail asking for information from the Health Fund.   

You will need to use mail, email, phone calls, and the web site until the Safer At Home Order is lifted. 

During these stressful times, try to take care of yourself with healthy eating, proper sleep, exercise, good hygiene, laughter, and patience.  Continue to check our website for updates and links to services.

Rita Becker Health Fund Administrator